Sunday, April 22, 2018

Annual Course Get Together 2018 - Islamabad

The annual course get together was held at Highland Resort, some eight kilometres ahead of Monal restaurent on the Margalla Hills, Islamabad on 21st April 2018. Although the the venue was selected on a difficult route, 46 officers along with their families attended, making a total of 103.
Luckily, it was a bight sunny day as till just a day before it was all cloudy and raining heavily. The tall pine trees on the dominating Margalla Hills and a cool spring breeze made the venue very pleasant and friendly for the boys aged sixty plus to hug each other as the number increased and welcomed each others with traditional warmth of comradeship of more than four decades old. 
 Photos of the venue taken by Rashid Javeed

Herein under are some of the photos taken by me and shared by others:

Manual sharing of data
A hearty laugh by Shahid Ashraf

The usual pleasantries followed by the lunch - and it also afforded some to enter into discussions of national and international matters and listening to the views of the wise.
After a very heavy and sumptuous brunch, the boys got together for a usual course secretary's briefing on the course fund health and matter related to future get together. Rauf Khan opened the briefing session with a few verses from Holy Quran, followed by a 'dua' by Akhtar Janjua for those of us who are waiting for us in the Heaven and also for the health and recovery of those suffering from ailments, specially Tariq Qureshi who is presently admitted in hospital after a sever second heart attack.
Thereafter, Asif deliberated on course fund statement and method of donations, specially on sliding scale. The gathering was also apprised that the next get together will be held at Kalyar's farm house in Sargodha. Thereafter Ikram Kiyani put forward a group based formula to hold annuals. But to many intricacies involved, while his efforts were lauded by everyone, it was decided that the present arrangements to hold get together should continue.

 Selfie by Zaffar
 Tariq 1 boasted of its maximum strength at the get together
Khalid 4 / Tariq 1 was no less with eight members
Amanullah's Tipu Tigers
"The great tigers who always fought for last position, but their morale remained very high. At the height Tipuites"
The gathering finally came to an end with the course photograph.

No doubt it was a well arranged event as always before. The thank you note for Asif and Ikram Kiayani not be better written as under by brother Salim Nawaz from Bosnia:
Wonderful event it sure has been. Masha Allah. Untiring efforts brimming with deep sincerity of brother Asif and Ikram Kiyani and their team have to work a lot a lot I know. I am happy to see an encouraging participation by all dear brothers. It has to be a very happy recharge of our spirits. Wow!!! I missed it badly folks!!! Allah bless you all with all the health and happiness.
God willing we shall meet next year in Sargodha at farmhouse of Asghar Hayat Kalyar. Stay blessed till then everyone.