Saturday, February 24, 2018

In Memory of Waheed Ahmed

Whenever I write a post in the obituary section of the course blog, it pains me to write about comrades who were just there moments ago and now no more.And with a very heavy heart I add yet another thumb photograph in the header of the blog which is increasing slowly as we all are aging.

Lt Waheed Ahmed was a comrade lost just a couple of years after our commissioning and for almost four decades no one knew about his whereabouts. Some even thought of his demise after he had a severe accident while serving in Sialkot. 

A memorable group photo of Tipuites on their trip to Murree and Nathia Gali:
Standing: Waheed Ahmed, Zaidi, Zahir, Unknown, Mansoor, Asim, Captain Tariq Tareen, Vincent Samuel, Khalid Mahmud, Abdul Rauf, Khawar, Tariq and Tariq Sher
Knealing: Asim, Hayee, Aman Ullah, Rizwan Rasheed, Ramli, Aslam Javed, -----, Khawar 

Some of the early service and only photos of Waheed that I got from him many decades later.

Lieutenant and captains attending infantry course (shared by Lt Waheed Ahmed (standing second from right in the second row).  Lieutenant Munir can also be seen standing third from left in the first row)

But then I got the good news when I wrote to CORO about his existence and was told that he was alive as per CORO record. I therefore renewed my efforts of find him and it was Nauman who came to my help in finding his contact number from his elder brother. And then one day last year I went to his house in Bahia Town and shared his first hand photos with the course.
I was met a fragile Waheed but with vivid memory of all of us and shared his family photos with me for the Generations portion of the history of the course I was THEN writing. His Mrs also joined us in bringing album after album of their ancestors in uniform to be included in the course history. I am sharing here the page I had constructed about Waheed's ancestors:

Thereafter, he surfaced on the scene and was recently among us at a dinner at Islamabad Club when our friend Ramli visited Pakistan and interacted with other course mates for the first time after his mysterious disappearance.
In the photo above Waheed is seen taking down Ramli's address at the dinner. He in fact asked many for their addresses to keep in touch in days to come. 
Waheed also joined a dinner in honour of Ramli which was arranged by the PMA Tipu platoon to whom both belonged to.

And then the bad news came just a day before yesterday that Waheed had had a missive stroke and was hospitalized. We all prayed for his health and longevity but his heavenly flight had already arrived waiting at the hospital doors. And today, 24 February 2018, he left us all mourning to meet his Creator up in the heavens. He was buried in the Islamabad's H-11 graveyard amid a large number of his friends and course mates both from 54 and 55 PMA Long courses. May his soul rest in peace. Aameen.

It may be a coincidence that only recently Dr Aamer Mansoor and Waheed were found after many many years. and today both have left us forever. May all those who have left so far rest in peace in heavens above. Aameen.


Jamil said...

Shocked to hear about sad news of my course mate Waheed. A nice man indeed.
May Almighty Allah rest his soul in peace and Grant strength to his family to bear this irreparable loss, Aameen.