About Fifty Fivers

This blog 'The Fifty Fivers' is an add on to a website specially created by me for the benefit of members of 55 PMA Long Course to keep reminding them not only of the days that we spent together at the prestigious Pakistan Military Academy from 12 May 1975 to 16 April 1977, but thereafter too both while we served the Pakistan Army but also when we hung up our boots and went back to a life from where we have chosen the profession of arm in our late teens.

Along the journey of our life, both during the service and later, we lost some of the very best officers of Pakistan Army, our very fine comrades, friends and colleagues, who took their flights to their heavenly abodes while they were still young, aspiring and promising. Sadly, every now and then I keep adding the thumbnail photos to the gallery as seen above as life has to come to an end for everyone someday - sooner for some, later for the rest. We share their memories in special posts too. Major General Javed was the first general officer of the Pakistan Army who laid down his life during the ongoing war against the terrorists, while Brigadier Javed being the last one to depart from us.

While I am grateful for the entire lot of coursemates for their support in compiling and making the course website, and later this blog, I am specially thankful to the following for their wholehearted moral, intellectual and material support:

Muhammad Asif, the course secretary
Tariq Khan
Zahir Khan
Munawar Ahmed Sulehria
Ghulam Abbas
Mujeeb Khan
and of course Jamal Zia for sharing his huge collection of photos

I look forward to receiving more material support from the rest to make this exclusive blog wholesome, informative - duly updated.

Jalal Hameed Bhatti 


Jamil said...
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Jamil said...

Great job Jalal. I am impressed by your dedication. Please continue this noble piece of work

Tariq Sher said...

Dear Jalal. We all are indebted to you for your continuous endeavors for 55. May Allah bless you and your family. Ameen.

Unknown said...

Great job as usual Jalal.

Unknown said...

Great job as usual Jalal.

Arjmand said...

Good work JHB

Muhammad Zahir Khan said...

Thank you Jalal for keeping the spirit of comradeship alive.

kaiser said...

Dear Sir, This is Lt Col (R) Kaiser Hameed Khan from 56 PMA."One of the TWIN brothers" Cadet Arshad Aziz became my Platoon mate and together we went down the cruel slopes of Donga gali , where Arshad Aziz left us for the heavens on the fateful day of 7.7.77 on our way back from Murree. I had written an article about this sad event , which our Platoon Commander Col(R) Shujaat Latif is incorporating in his book.I would be very grateful if you could send over His brother's mail address because an account of the last moments together would mean a lot to him. Thanks and regards,