Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chapter News - Karachi (2012-15)

14th April 2012:
A get together was held on the occasion of the marriage ceremony of the daughter of Attaullah Shah Bukhari on 14th April 2012. We all thank Bukhari for choosing this date as it gave the opportunity to 55th Long Course for their annual get together of the 37 years of their comradeship. It was a lovely evening at the services club of Malir Cantonment.
A gold set presented by Agha Ali Raza Qizilbash, on behalf of the Karachi chapter, to the bride

14 March 2012:
A beautiful and memorable get together was arranged by Zahir ul Islam at the Flag Staff House on a very delicious and sumptuous dinner. All but Zahid Akbar and Asim attended. It was an occasion which was almost last function of the Karachi Chapter with Zahir ul Islam as the Corps Comd Karachi. Coincidently Jamil was here at Karachi from Canada and he became the Lucky one who attended two get together of Karachi Chapter of 55th within a span of two days.
It was a gathering with all having mixed emotions. A moment of joy and pride that Zahir ul Islam was going as DG ISI, an honour for 55th and of sadness as Zahir ul Islam was leaving Karachi for his next appointment.  Very emotional addresses were delivered by Wasif on behalf of all officers of the 55th Karachi Chapter and reciprocated by Zahir ul Islam.

Souvenir of 55th Karachi Chapter was given to Jamil by the hands of Zahir ul Islam. Jamil was also handed over souvenirs for the three 55th representatives at Canada to be handed over by Jamil. A souvenir was also given to Jamil to be handed over to the family of the deceased Shahid Aslam.

11 March 2012 :
Muhammad Jamil Akhter (Jamil Bravo) was on a short visit to Karachi on 11-12 March 2012. Zaffar Iqbal Durrani arranged a get together in his honour on a dinner on 11 March 2012 at his place. All attended Less Zahir Khan, Rashid, Gulzar, Wasif and Rafaqat being out of city and Gen Zahir Ul Islam, Inam Karim, Zahid Akbar, Omer due to their pre-commitments. Below are the photo coverage of the function.

28th January 2012:
Zahid's daughter got married on 28th January 2012 at Karachi. The occasion became a mini get together of course mates at Garrison Club Malir Cantonment. ZID has sent a few photos of the occasion.
Gen Shahid Maqbool from all the way from Rawalpindi attended. All from the Karachi chapter attended less few.

15 Jan 2012 - The first event of year 2012:

A Get Together at Creek Club Karachi on the eve of visiting Lt Gen Agha Umer Farooq was arranged on Sunday the 15th Jan 2012. It was a very nicely arranged brunch on a very pleasant cool Sunday afternoon.

Lt Gen Zahir Ul Islam also joined the gathering. All intermingled with each other in a very cordial and friendly nostalgic atmosphere. Herein under are some of the photographs taken on the occasion [ as sent in by ZID ]. 
All arrangements were made by none other than Wasif - the Karachi Chapter lifeline