Sunday, April 18, 2010

Annual Get Together 2010 - Celebrating the 35th Year of Association

Present, Please!!

The 2010 annual get together was a departure from a 2- days function to a midday Brunch at the Rawal Dam Lake, Rawalpindi. The departure from the cool days of Abbottabad and rather sunny April of Rawalpindi was telling - but it was good to seeing each other again. There were some 'young faces' too under the garb of Khizab and other age hiding cosmetics.  The day also coincided with 35th year of our association since we joined PMA in May 1975.

Being a hot Rawalpindi April day, the attendance was rather thin - some 40 out of us. But the day was celebrated by all those present to its fullest.

The moment we entered the arena, we were welcomed by a melodious voice of a singer singing on a stage which was right adjacent to the entrance. I admire the placing of the stage and the singer by the organizers - none other than Asif alone this time.

Before meeting anyone else, we were to pay our dues and collect a "raishmi romal" but not inscribed with someone's name but the map of Pakistan, courtesy the Surveyor General of Pakistan, Munawar Ahmed Sulehria. There was dagger too presented by Tariq Khan - keeping his tribal traditions alive.

Then there was a long queue to embrace. I just cannot keep taking names as you can see some of the most present in the photos. There were same HIs and OYEs. Everyone seemed perturbed about me putting on weight (while forgetting the amount on them altogether).

While everyone one was important the others, the marching in in the arena by Tariq Khan stirred everyone and everyone rushed to meet him since he has not been on the "domestic course" scene for quite a years due to his extraordinary commitments up north. And suddenly he was the centre of attraction with his satire and humour, which usually takes time to be driven home and enjoyed.

Two things that made me smile in left photo above, while Alamgir and Abid share their cell numbers, Abdur Rahman gives a meaningful smile as he knew this sharing is only a ritual. In the right most photo, Asif assures Zaheer that food will be served in few moments.

The smell of Tikkas and Kababs was probably driving everyone crazy and the brunch was becoming a crunch. But not before everyone had a chance to pose to be shot and become part of this beautiful day of our 35th reunion. This year missed Zahir and Qadri from Lahore (who always come otherwise) and thanks to Abid coming all the way from Multan, Baqir from Lahore and Aslam coming the farthest from Bhawalpur this year too.

The get together was managed and organized very well and we all appreciate Asif's hard work and contribution towards getting us together every year so well. But this time it was all his show and deserves our special appreciation and a fillip.