Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Annual Get Together 2009 - Abbottabad (Day-1)

It was Abbottabad once again on 11th and 12th April 2009, when a large number of us got together with our families and grandchildren to cherish the memories of those two years we spent together in PMA some 34 years ago. Though this year, there were some faces missing due to some commitments, the show was nevertheless spectacular and incredible.

And need less to mention that it was Ghazanfar once again who made this great gathering possible and extending a warm hospitality to all of us for two days. His contribution will always be remembered and cherished as there would never be a gathering of this magnitude nor arrangements like the ones The Piffers made for us. Its Three Cheers for him and his Centre. At the same time we should not forget the course secretary Asif, who was also a main pillar for coordinating all nitty gritties and assisting Ghazanfar in organizing this mega event.

The event was spread over two days as previously - but this time there was no Tattoo Show.

Day-1 started as usual - the dinner at the Piffers Mess. Oh but before that reaching to the guest room duly escorted, changing over and then rushing to the mess. And it was already full with familiar faces, lady wives and lots of children - someone remarked that this year there are more children than the last year. The food was sizzling and plenty both in quantity and in variety. Everyone seemed to be doing just the right kind of justice (don't get alarmed, no lawyers were on the road except Farooq the Poet who was well within the mess and controllable). 

After the food, Ghazanfar, the host, welcomed all and everyone cheered for his efforts to have us gathered once again to celebrate the 34th year of our passing out since 1977.

That was all for the night of Day-1. Day 2 follows with a usual golfers' morning, followed by brunch and much more.