Monday, January 12, 2009

The Days After - School of Infantry and Tactics

Quetta is a well known military station for all arms and services of the Pakistan Army and Air Force as well. We thronged the roads of Quetta as young lieutenants when we as a whole course went to attend the OW-8 and JOL-8 at SI&T. 

I do not have many photos of the time, but was lucky to get a few from Tariq Khan's photo albums from his Facebook page and also a memorable photo of some of the dashing lieutenants wearing bell-bottom trousers on a trip to Hana Lake, shared by Arshad. 

Can you guess who all are there and who is looking the funnier?

 Bayonet Fighting - Tariq Khan flies and scores a bull hit
Tariq Khan bagged the Bayonet Fighting trophy but the commandant refused to give him the shield since an armour officer in black was not supposed to win. The deputy commandant gave the trophy.

This is all I have as afar School of Infantry and Tactics, OWJOL-8 and us. I would request others to share any photos and memories with me to add more pictorial coverage to our stay at Infantry School.