Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Annual Get Together 2017 - Kallar Kahar

The 2017 annual get together was held at the scenic Kalar Kahar tourist resort o 8 April 2017 at the District Government Rest House. It was our 42nd year of comradeship and 40th year of our commissioning since 16 April 1977. Famous for its salt water lake and peacocks and its closeness to historic Katas Temple ruins, the resort attracts a large number of tourist throughout the year. Likewise a large number of course mates along with their families attended. Including a sizable number coming from Lahore. as seen below:
The course secretary has well arranged the show with points men posted right from Kallar Kahar interchange on the Motorway to the venue. The lunch was plenty and delicious. After the lunch, we had group photos with the picturesque Kallar Kahar Lake in the background.
Durrani making ae emotional speech - while others listen with fingers crossed
It was here that I presented the two volumes of the “Pictorial Reminiscence” to the course on which I have been working for almost three years. However, a visible interest in the effort was not shown and since then the project lies dumped in my computer to see a day light someday.

The after lunch hour was spent in group photos from smaller 'like minded groups, to finally the course group photo for the year 2017.
By about two hours past midday, the party was finally over and we all bade good byes to each other with a strong pledge to meet again next year while praying that everyone lives to see the day - God willing.