Monday, February 8, 2016

Chapter News - Islamabad (2016)

The year 2016 dawned for Islamabad / Rawalpindi chapter with the wedding ceremony of Islam's daughter at the Rawalpindi Golf Club. No photos of the occasion are available except a family photo shared by Islam ul Haq on his Facebook page. 

13 July 2016:
Call it a coincidence, the second marriage ceremony is still that of Bajwa's  son - but this time it is Javed Ashraf Bajwa at PC Marquee, Rawalpindi. Those of us who attended can be seen in the group photo above, taken after we had had plates full of traditional wedding dinners.
The barat arrives
Earlier, the wedding took place in Lahore and some of the Lahore Chapter course mates attended on behalf of the others and bid farewell to the contingent to Rawalpindi.

7 February:
The next event was the Walima reception of Bajwa's son at the Jacaranda Family Club, DHA Phase-2 Islamabad which was attended by a large number of course mates beside others. This time Abdul Qayyum was a very active and he instantly took a number of photos and uploaded these on the course page on WhatsApp right from the venue. Some of the photos shared from WhatsApp are as under:

 I do not know who Tariq Sher is calling (photo above) - or perhaps he wanted his photo to be taken too from close quarters - which Qayyum voluntarily did as can be seen from photos below:
As is usual with the photographers, their own photos are always missing - so Qayyum himself is not visible in any of the photos.


S A J Shirazi said...

Saw Inam for the first time supporting beard. Stay happy all of you Isloo boys.

Jamil said...

Beautiful photos, enjoyed seeing friends. Congratulations to Bajwa n Islam ul Haq. Thanks Qayyoum n Jalal the great.

Muhammad Zahir Khan said...

I missed the occasion due to some unavoidable compulsion. Best wishes for the newly weds.

Muhammad Zahir Khan said...

Nice seeing some heavy weights of the Course in good spirit.