Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Annual Get Together 2013 - Abbottabad

The Annual Get Together for year 2013 was held on 27-28 April at Abbottabad. All arrangements for the get together were courtesy Lt Gen Salim Nawaz. The get together included a dinner at the Piffers Officers' Mess on night 27th April - while a brunch was arranged at the Piffers Golf Club on 28th April. The pictorial coverage of the event has been divided into two parts covering each day of get together separately as under

The night show ended with a cup of green tea on the green lawns of the Piffers' Mess as can be seen in the photos above. The next day on 28 April, the participants again joined together on the Piffers' Golf Club for a heart brunch and a wonderful band display.

 Salim Nawaz and Faheem Khawar made a delayed entry into the venue and were greeted warmly 

The Group Photo of 2013 Get together