Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Karachi Chapter Get Together - April 2011

The annual get together at Mangla paved the way for a special get together by the Karachi Chapter on 20th April, organized by Wasif and pictorial coverage provided by Zafar Iqbal Durrani. Herein under is the pictorial coverage of the event, which was also attended by course secretary Asif and Iqbal Badar who specially flew from Islamabad to attend the get together. The get together was held at the Creek Club and Zaheer ul Islam graced the occasion as the chief guest. 
It was good to see some old missed faces like that of Asif Ameen who hadn't been seen since long. Family of late Mumtaz had also been invited. An important figure of Karachi and once driving force behind the Lahore Chapter Zahir Khan could not attend as he is suffering from backache and has been advised complete rest by the doctors.
Asif Ameen (right) seen after years - all thanks to Wasif for finding him out
After the dinner, souvenirs (the daggers presented by Tariq Khan during 2010 get together could not be sent to members of the Karachi Chapter) and shields (special shield of the course of the Karachi Chapter) were presented to all participants, including the family of late Mumtaz. 
 As can be seen from the photograph above, Asif Ameen is seen on a wheel chair. Asif is long suffering from Parkinson's and cannot even speak, for which he uses a diary to write when conversed with. It is because of personal efforts of Wasif that Asif Ameen was found out and invited on the occasion.

Mrs Mumtaz being presented with souvenir and course shield by begum Zaheer ul Islam
The farewell and thank you speeches by dashing Wasif, Asif, Inam and Zaheer  

Here it may be added that the entire function was personally arranged and hosted by Wasif and the shields presented on the occasion were exclusively presented complimentary by Wasif