Friday, January 1, 2010

The Days After - NDU, Islamabad

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National Defence College - NDC (now National Defence University - NDU) is the premium defence institution of Pakistan Armed Forces. It is share that some of the most exceptionally professional officers of Pakistan Armed Forces come here to learn the mechanics and dynamics of formulating policies at national level and polish their skills of art of war.

Like all other courses of Pakistan Army, 55 PMA Long Course also has its representation at the NDC, though a few deserving were left out due to want of vacancies, and excelled. Thier performance par excellence was visible in promotion of 13 brigadiers as major generals, of which four were promoted lieutenant generals.

Herein under is the pictorial coverage of Fifty Fivers at NDC:

Tariq Khans at the graduation day at NDC

... and the rest? Well if they share their photos, they will figure out here !!

By the way, it was another father in the 55 cap as one of its graduate, Agha Umer Farooq, became the president of this premium institution upon promotion to the rank of lieutenant general.