Monday, March 24, 2008

Para School - a favourite cadets' destination

Wearing a para wing on one's uniform is every soldier's dream and PMA is the best place to earn one as to go to Para School in Peshawar, one has to be in one's extreme physical fitness state and readiness to undergo rigors of its pre-training. 

During the end term breaks of 2nd and third terms, selected cadets go to earn a frogman badge from Pakistan Navy's establishment in Karachi, while those who are fit to undertake the difficult routine of Para School go to Peshawar to earn their wings.  A sizeable number of cadets from our course opted to sacrifice their end term breaks to float in the air and become paratroopers.

Herein under are photos shared by Jamal Zia of his sojourn to Para School showing various stages of training and finally jumping from the C-130 aircraft five times to earn the para wing. All photos are self explanatory with running remarks on each photo by Jamal Zia:


The famous Tower of the Para School which gives the first freel of jumping from a some 35 feet of height to train the students in jumping and making correct PLF (Para Landing Fall) - something that is an essential learning when actually landing with a parachute. An incorrect fall on ground can be injurious.

.. and Khawar (who later joined SSG)
Tariq-3 at Para School...from left Wasif, Jamil, Farooq Pervez, Durrani, Akmal and Khawar
Jamal and Arshad at Peshawar Airport - ready to board the PAF C-130 for a para jump
Ready for the jump - one can feel the mixed emotions of fear and enthusiasm before the first jump

 Jamal Zia with the coveted para wing


Jamil said...

Thanks for sharing unique parachuting experience Jalal. Great pictures out Jamal's collection. We had Wonderful time at PTW Peshawar. 5 jumps at Durrani Drop Zone followed by an elegant Blue wing on our chests adding colors to Khaki. Famous Col Imam (Brig Amir Sultan) was comdt PTW. Love memories of my stay at Peshawar. Thanks once again.