Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Grand Tattoo Show - Abbottabad 2008

The 2008 course get together of 55 PMA Long Course at Abbottabad would go down in the history of course get togethers as one of the very best, well laid out, rich in events and well organized show. I have already shared the details of the two days activities in two separate posts, but I am dedicating this post to those countless recruits of the FF Center who displayed a formidable Tattoo Show to honour the presence of our course.
For many of us and perhaps all children present on that cold Abbottabad night, the tattoo show was the first time ever for them. I had some childhood memories of the tattoo show from one of the Lahore's once very famous Horse and Cattle Show and then quite recently at Multan by the men of steel and men of 4 Armoured Brigade.

Herein under are some of the still shots followed by a video that I made and have since shared on the YouTube - I am sure the nostalgia of that night would remain fresh ever in our memory lane for many many years.


Watch the video below:

All credit goes to Ghazanfar whose aesthetics were at their peak while planning and executing the get together with such colourful and lively events - and we thank him for affording many of us and our families and children the opportunity to witness this great tattoo show - perhaps for the first and last time, as the tattoo shows, which were once hallmark of military functions, are dying down.