Sunday, April 17, 2016

17 April: Celebrating our commissioning day at reception by Munawar

I do not know whether it was exclusively planned to happen on 17th April or it was just a coincidence, but the walima reception of Munawar Ahmed Sulehria's son held today at Jacaranda Family Club, DHA Phase-II, Islamabad turned out to be a course get together on our day of commissioning.

I was late arrival, but when I entered the Imperial Hall, I was amazed to see a large number of course mates already present in one of the corners, incidentally near the food tables for obvious reasons. And what a gathering it was - may be around fifty or a few less. But the walima reception made the day both for the groom's family and the family of Fifty Fivers.
If I start to count who always was there, the list would be very long. The first glimpse of the gathering is the group photo shared above - the Tariqites (2) getting together for an exclusive group photo.

Before I share the complete group photo, I just want to leave a small point: When I am taking photos and then share these and someone's photo is missed out, I get a prompt 'explanation' of why so and so has not be covered. But when it comes to others, no one bothers to take my photo as can be seen from the photos shared above. Just a small observation - no offenses desired or intended.

The following group photo (as and when received by Sulehria) will reveal the secret of who all attended, in addition to those visible in the group photo already shared.

So stay tuned for the group photo ... I hope Munawar reads it and sends it to me !!