Monday, March 24, 2008

First Term Introduction Night

The most entertaining feature of the first term, from the rag and tags outside , was the Introduction Night. A night really to be remembered when GCs with their still broken English, or shall we say Punglish (Punjabi + English) introduced them to the the rest of the audience. For our course, the introduction night was held in the B Mess near the Qasim and Salah ud Din company lines. 

Till we get more input from others, let me share a photo wherein GC GM is seen howling at me, acting like a senior. Perhaps this was a cue for him to bark around when he was promoted to the 2nd Term. He would then specially visit the 2nd Pakistan Battalion to "bullshit" the poor juniors. Please note the expression on GC GM's face (facing camera) as he @*&^%$###@ me (photo above). I wish there were present day mobiles in those days to record the videos of such events for later recounts.

Khalid -4 platoon's first group photo with platoon commander Captain Ghulam Nabi

More photos will be added if shared by others