Monday, April 14, 2008

The Greatest Show on the Earth

Well for those who missed this grand show - which reminds me of the film "The Greatest Show on the Earth", I saw in my childhood, here is an eyewitness' account of those two unforgettable days that myself, my family and dozens of our course mates and their families enjoyed while in Abbottabad on 12-13 April 2008, just four days short of 31st passing out day anniversary of 55th PMA Long Course - indeed one of the best courses that ever passed out from PMA. 

No matter how much we appreciate, certainly it will not be able to possible to compliment the efforts of Ghazanfar and his entire staff and those great recruits who made us the happiest of all human beings while celebrating our reunion.


Baqar said...

Dear All Coursemates, who were and who were not present at the occasion mentioned herin, I must say that the weekend in that nostalgic environment of Abbottabad was fantastic. And it were The PIFFERS (kind courtesy Brig Ghazanfar) who added colours to it. The dinner, the tatoo show, orchestra and the musical evening on day-1 and the Golf Club events on day-2, all organised so well, are highly commendable. Brig Ghazanfar's staff had tied up even the minutest details and I think hardly anyone can complain of any flaw in the whole shew.

It is only a few more years to go when all the members of Double Panja will hang their uniforms. Probably it would be then on when our get-together will be purely 'civilinized' we will have to hold them in hotels and clubs. It is, therefore, necessary that untill that time comes, all futures get-together should arranged in 'military' environment (like this one) so that those who have said goodbye to the profession of arms, get a chance to refresh their memories of the days in uniform.

A word about the website. It is an excellent idea and very well materialized by Brig Jalal. It would be even more effective if can add a GROUP to it tiltled with the course on the lines of Yahoo Groups, where all can have an email also to communicate and add their views.

Baqar said...

One more request to Brig Jalal. If you can post more pics on the website partcularly where whole family of the 55th (including ladies and children) is present.

jalalHB said...

Thanks Baqar for the input and your right applause and thumbs up for Ghazanfar and his team. I will keep adding photos as and when received from Ghazanfar.

Have a good time

zaffariqbal said...

I can only say excellent. while going through it I went nostalgic. Keep it up Jalal. Durrani

Shirazi said...

I wish you move this up. Please do it.