Monday, March 24, 2008

Second Term - Poor Inters

Second Term is a a much relieved term, but still hawkishly over watched by the Uppers. Many of our course mates saw the first snowfall of their lives when we had a heavy spell of it during the winters of 1975.

But the snow brought with itself the shivering night outs on the back roads of the company lines - a much awaited feast for the uppers - though GC GM avenged it when he put more bars on his shoulders and went very often to the Second Pakistan Battalion company lines and ragged the juniors much harder than what was meted out to him.
Jamil and Tariq with an incomplete frozen Lady Diana
 A Dinner Night Flock (January 1976)

 K-2 before being converted to K-5 with Cpl Ishraque
 Rauf fraternizing with foreigners (Ramli - Malaysia)
 L to R: Fida, Abbas, Uzair (December 75)

During the second term, we received a new set of uniform - half camouflage (shirt) and half khaki (trousers). This was quite exciting for many and Nawab Sahib knew it well and hwe was there to take shots of us clad in our new military outfit.

Criss Cross was the 2nd Term's outdoor military exercise - instead of just walking to test physical endurance in Yarmuk, the exercises from now on were to test leadership and plannign skills of the cadets.
Before moving into the exercise area

 Bn Comd's parade: Raja, Sibtain, Fazal, Rasheed - Abbas
 The battered faces (Khalid -4) soon after the boxing
 Group photos (above/below) shared by Jamal Zia

While sharing above group photo on Facebook, Tariq Fazal comments: Zahid Rasool (best boxer of the course) and Sibtain Raza standing 3rd and 5th respectively from the right have also departed for their heavenly abodes but their fond memories will continue to live down the memory lane as long as each one of us is alive
Ali Akbar, waheed and Altaf with Major (later Brig) Riaz
 An engineered photo: a frozen action just for the photograph 
Tariq Satti, Khurshid and Arshad Aziz with seniors
Memorable photo with Shaffi Luq Luq

Boxing: Ghulam Abbas & Sir Nasir: Guess who won?

Boxing was the major event of Second Term and for many the Third Term decider. Please see an exclusive post on this event at: Boxing - the Third Term Decider for Some!! Read more about it with more photos in an exclusive post Here