Monday, March 24, 2008

PMA Club Activities

Beside rigorous training, PMA also provides adequate opportunities to exhibit the hidden talent of a cadet. The clubs are the major source of one's aesthetic, dramatic and physical abilities - from photography and calligraphy to drama, hiking and debates. Here is a recollection of some club activities.

Camera Club:
Jalal, Tariq, Khawar and Amanullah joined camera club and exhibited their aesthetic talents in calligraphy, painting and photos. Herein under are some of the calligraphies of Jalal:

GC Jalal exhibited his calligraphic skills in 2nd (above) and 3rd Term (below) and won First Prize each time

Drama Club:
The club was presided over by CSM Ali Raza Qizalbash. Two plays were presented by the club: one on Oscar Wild's "Importance of Being Earnest" and the other an Urdu play written by Agha Nasir. The prize distribution was held on 6 April 1977 and Brigadier Ahmed Kmaal, Commandant PMA gave away the prizes. First prize for the English play was won by CSM Ali Raza Qizalbash.

Debating and Literary Club:
The Club was presided over by CJUO Syed Ateeq Hussain Shah with Tariq Sher as his deputy. BSUO Tariq Khan won the first prize in the English debate while BSUO Fahim Khawar won the first prize in Urdu debate. GC Tariq Qureshi bagged the second position.

Riding Club:

Riding Club (Shared by Mirza Saleem Beg)